Professional Installation

No matter how many safety features are built into the components of cable and pipe transits, they can only be realized through correct installation. This means that transits must be complemented with excellent product information to maximize the safety awareness in all stakeholders, from the client, the purchaser, through engineering management to those directly responsible for installing transits.

In the construction yard

The installation of multicable transits encompasses structural, electrical and mechanical disciplines. Furthermore, their safe installation and compliance with both regulations and manufacturers' recommended installation instructions requires the supervision of quality assurance and quality control personnel, and the final approval of a certifying authority. It is, therefore, essential that all parties are familiar with the expectations of the final signatory authority and are made aware, by the owners and management, of the importance of a well- installed product.

We must emphasize how important it is to install multicable transits correctly the first time round. The costs of refitting, and at worst a failure, are far greater than those associated with a safe and timely first-time installation.

Thorough training

Given the importance of transit installations, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide comprehensive support to all parties within the project. This support should include, but is not limited to, such items as certification and testing documentation as may be required; literature and software for efficient and accurate procurement of product; and a comprehensive training programme for installers, quality control personnel and regulatory inspectors.

We believe that not only should training be emphasised for new cable transit installers, but also for those installation teams already familiar with the product to be installed.

To realize this goal, it is essential that the client, construction company, contractor and manufacturer cooperate to ensure such information and initiatives are available and utilized. 

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