E Series - for EMC & Grounding & Bonding.

The E series frames & components provide the same sealing as the standard MCT Brattberg system but with added, built-in protection against electromagnetic pulse (due to lightning or nuclear blast) and interference (EMI), electronic sabotage (synthetic EMP) and static electricity. The E Series is also approved for grounding and bonding applications.


    The secret is a tempered metal sheet which systematically stops electrical current from passing along the cable screening through the seal and successfully function as an extended wall screen. All dimensions are exactly the same for the standard MCT Brattberg components.



    The E-RGP is a round Lycron frame for assembly in sleeves. A tempered metal sheet forms the contact between insert block and sleeve. The seal is available in 5 sizes with the designations E-RGP -50, -70, -125, -100, -150 and -200.
    The E-RGP transit is manufactured from Lycron. The metal fittings are galvanised, mild steel or stainless steel finish.



    Pipe sleeves are fabricated from seamless pipe and are used to house the E-RGP seal.



    Frames are available in 4 sizes, designated -2, -4, -6, and -8 depending on height. The internal width is always 120 mm and the depth is 60 mm.

    The frames are manufactured in the following materials:
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminium
    Steel, natural or with a hot dipped galvanised finish.



    E-Insert Blocks/E-AddBlocks

    Seal each cable and pipe individually. The tempered metal sheet forms a contact between the cable braid or pipe and frame.
    Insert blocks with hole diameters from 4 up to 110 mm.


    E-Spare Blocks

    Seal the unused space in the frame for future installation. The tempered metal sheet forms a contact between surrounding blocks and the frame.



    EMP Blocks are marked on one end to show correct installation.


    Placed between each row of insert blocks to aid installation and to increase mechanical stability. Material: stainless steel.


    Compression plate

    Fitted before the last row of insert blocks. The bolt in the compression plate is tightened to compress the system.
    Material: Galvanised Cast iron.


    Presswedge E-PTG-120

    E-PTG Presswedge can be used alternative to STG Endpacking and the Compression Plate and can also be installed in any position in the frame. Hardware is either galvanised mild steel or stainless steel.

    E Series Blocks & components are identified with a ‘E’ prefix e.g. E-30/12, E-PTG etc

    E-Standard Blocks

    E-Modules sealing cable dimensions up to 110mm is available.

    E-Spare Blocks

    E-Spare Blocks is also available as 90/0 and 120/0 modules.

    Weight of E-standard and E-Spare Blocks in grams (Weight per half for E-Standard Blocks)

    E-Addblocks sealing cable dimensions up to 68mm is available.

    E-STG and E-PTG






    - CSA approved for Grounding and Bonding

    For all approvals, please also see Certificates


    Installation E-RGS, E-RGB

    Installation E-RGP

    For all available instructions, please visit our Installation page.