The Original
Multi Cable and Pipe Transit

MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transits are designed and manufactured to provide maximum benefits to all concerned as shown below.

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The industry standard

Our own experience has shown that for a standard frame used for maritime applications, an internal width of 120 mm, a depth of 60 mm and wall thickness of 10 mm are optimal window sizes for maintaining structural strength and for fitting insert blocks. Both single and multiple transits frames are available.

The dimensions of the various frames have become the industry standard simply because these types of frame were first to be introduced and have proved successful over time.

Built-in flexibility

The comprehensive range of frames, insert blocks and other components of our transits provides remarkable application flexibility.

We can seal cable and pipe diameters from 4 – 100 mm. Other dimensions can be supplied to order.

In addition, our product range covers insulation collars and special solutions for EMC transits, SR cable and pipe seals, deck and bulkhead glands.

No matter whether it involves maritime, offshore or land-based applications, MCT Brattberg has the right solutions for your particular needs.

System concept

  • The system is comprehensive, i.e. contains a complete range of frames, blocks and components. Long-term reliability of all components. For example, frames and insert blocks continue to provide an effective seal over the long term even when continually exposed to adverse conditions.
  • A warranty period that supports long-term reliability and gives confidence in products and supplier.
  • The system provides the application flexibility needed to quickly configure and install all types of cable and pipe transit. The design and features of each type of component, e.g. insert blocks with clear identification, tight tolerances and selflubrication, make them easy to install.
  • Costs are reduced and assembly facilitated by no special tools required to install transits.
  • Packing guides are available to show how best to configure insert blocks and cables within frames.
  • Transit design planning software is available for engineers/designers to save time and effort involved with configuring transits.
  • To ensure consistent quality of all system components, their production is governed by an accepted and independent QA/QC system like ISO 9001.
  • Transit components are durable and stable enough to allow later disassembly.

Transit frames

  • The frames are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions, e.g. shock and vibration of ship bulkheads and decks.
  • Each corner is multiple-welded (at least two welds) to meet the requirements of a destruction test.
  • Robotic welding is used to maintain uniform and consistent high-quality welds.
  • Tight dimensional tolerances to maintain the defined functionality of insert blocks and other components.
  • The inner surfaces are smooth and free from residual weld spatter to facilitate insert block packing.

Insert blocks

  • The cable/pipe diameter can be clearly identified on each insert block.
  • The blocks are made of a self-extinguishing material.
  • The blocks are self-lubricating to facilitate installation.
  • The blocks retain their shape over the long term to maintain correct functionality.
  • The blocks do not crack, melt, harden or become brittle under normal environmental conditions.
  • The blocks do not release corrosive gases such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine when subject to fire.
  • The blocks do not deteriorate when under attack by rodents, insects or microorganisms.
  • The blocks are moulded to tight tolerances to ensure uniform and accurate sizing.
  • Block design prevents displacement after installation.
  • The blocks result in minimal waste during installation.

Testing and certification

  • Testing and certification are carried out on all products for safety and functionality according to the standards of the major authorities.
  • Independent witnesses are allowed to visit factory, processing and testing facilities.

Customer support

  • Good product literature is supplied by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer/supplier has a good customer support program.
  • The manufacturer/supplier responds quickly to customer enquiries.
  • Global support is available.
  • Product/application training and seminars are provided.