RGPlan Online


MCT Brattberg Introduce Web Based Design Manager Service

Configure cable/pipe penetrations quickly
and easily with MCT Brattberg Web Based
Design Manager Service. Simply input the
transit requirements and RGPlan
automatically configures the seal, along
with all necessary components, blank
blocks, stayplates and compression systems
- at the touch of a button. Faster and
simpler than time-consuming manual
methods, it’s the perfect solution for busy
engineers/designers. The program itself
now offers many unique editing features,
multiple transit calculation and a simple
format to deliver well designed MCT
Brattberg transits.

RGPlan is designed to be user friendly

• Create a favorite list of your most used
cables for easy access.
• Import new cables from excel by using a
cable list template.
• Categorize and highlight placed cables for
easy overview for example to separate high
voltage cables and sensitive data cables.
• Add team members to a project to allow
them to edit and configure the transits
within the project.
• Every progress you make is autosaved in

RGPlan is available at:

It is free of charge and no installation needed. Flexible, accessible and powerful, RGPlan is an invaluable solution for busy engineers that could drastically reduce your transit planning time. For those who already benefit from MCT Brattberg’s services, it’s yet another step forward in quality of service.

For downloading the old program WinRGPlan.3.2: 
(NOTE: We no longer offer support or development for WinRGPlan.3.2)