RFCS Cabinet Seal

The unique MCT Brattberg RFCS is available in three basic sizes of 10, 12 & 16 with an extension provision to size 20, 24 & 32 respectively. Is an innovative openable/retrofit alternative to heavy duty plug in connectors and cable glands plates in the cabinets.


    MCT Brattberg RFCS frame provides:

    - Space saving frames compare to conventional plug in connectors & cable glands.
    - Unique MCT Brattberg compression wedge PTG40 that can be inserted from both sides of the frame to provide IP 67/55 protection.
    - Easy installation and availability with ready made packed kits including the sealing module as per customer requirements.

    MCT Brattberg RFCS Kit contains:

    - Openable frame.
    - RFCS modules marked with cable diameter.
    - Compression wedge.
    - Gasket for sealing frame to cabinet.
    - Mounting Hardware.
    - Cable selector.



    - Classification
    IP65 and IP67
    NEMA 250 type 4x

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