Transit frames

A ship’s structure is subject to constant and varying motions due to wave action and propulsion. Furthermore, it may expand and contract when subject to temperature variation. In turn, these actions expose transit frames to extremely powerful forces, conditions rarely encountered – if at all – with land-based applications involving static walls. Thus, the design, materials, construction and finish of frames play decisive roles in determining the safety of frames in withstanding constant stress in marine environments.

All these factors are taken into account in our manufacturing processes. The MCT Brattberg range of transit frames, for both welding and bolting, meet the stringent demands of maritime and offshore applications. Frame units are cut, welded, ground and stamped with our logo, date of manufacture and material specification for identification and traceability. The complete frames are inspected and then dipped in a corrosion-resistant paint before being inspected for quality.

Insert blocks

The physical stability and safety that insert blocks give to transits is derived primarily from two main features. The composition of the insert blocks ensures that they are tough and robust. Because of their simple, modular construction, the blocks totally seal the space between cables/pipes. The other benefit is the very precise fit that insert blocks of different sizes achieve around cables/pipes. Together, these features make sure that not even gas can pass through a packed transit when it is installed correctly.

MCT Brattberg’s insert blocks are manufactured from Lycron, a synthetic halogen-free polymer containing a lubricant that was specially developed according to our specifications to withstand fire, explosions, temperature variation, ageing, radiation and pests. The blocks are injection moulded to give precision components with a high degree of accuracy. Standard blocks are available for cable diameters from 4-100 mm. Other dimensions can be supplied to order.

Our AddBlocks and can be adapted to five different cable dimensions. U-blocks can be used to increase the outside dimensions of blocks to the next module size.